Things to Consider When Buying Wood Furniture

Things to Consider When Buying Wood Furniture

When it comes to outdoor wood furniture, there are sufficient options in the market. Check the list below for some desired choices that are also sturdy and comes with low maintenance. Because you can easily purchase wood coupled with metal frames, there’s no need for you to choose all wood material.


Most recently, a very popular choice for outdoor furniture is teak, and for a good reasoning: Teak is a substantial investment. Teak remains popular from its longevity, immunity to weather, and very few care need, though teak is more expensive than most woods used for outdoor furniture. Also checkout what’s so great about teak wood furniture on


A good alternative material is eucalyptus and is comparable to the length of teak once treated with a water-based acrylic sealant yearly for maintenance. The material is less expensive which makes it the best choice option.


Cedar can still last for a couple of decades if cared for properly although it will not last longer compared to teak or eucalyptus. For its maintenance, coat yearly with protective oil is needed.


Things to Consider When Buying Wood Furniture

Before buying wood furniture, assess the following:

The location of your outdoor wood furniture should be assessed first. Do you plan to completely expose to the elements your furniture piece? Or do you plan to place your furniture under a canopy or porch for protection? By all means, you can get away with using a soft wood like pine, if your wood furniture is to be positioned in a protected area, but it is not advisable to position the furniture in a lay bare area.

Whether you will position it on a hard surface or soft ground like a grassy area, assess your surface area. It can help protect from dreaded furniture destroyers like rot or mildew by positioning outdoor the wood furniture on hard surfaces. If you prefer to place your patio set on the soft ground, it might be better to purchase a resin or metal material over wood.

Take into account the climate. Different weather condition will affect wood differently like the blazing sun, humidity, or much precipitation. The wood furniture might need additional protection or maintenance given the occurrence of these weather conditions. You may need to provide some shade in particular. Unless it is something as forgiving as teak but most wood materials are difficult to maintain under moist conditions.

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