Things to Check When Hiring an Epoxy Flooring Company

Things to Check When Hiring an Epoxy Flooring Company

You have decided to go for an epoxy flooring system. While the idea of installing this flooring system yourself sounds good, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional epoxy flooring company to ensure everything goes well. 

There are major facts about an epoxy flooring contractor you need to meticulously look into. 

Are They Knowledgeable Enough?

It is important to ensure that the epoxy flooring company knows what it speaks of. You want to make sure they just did not do a Google search on epoxy flooring installation. Here are some ways to determine if you are speaking to someone knowledgeable enough in epoxy flooring installation:

  • Ask what epoxy materials they use and where they buy them.
  • Ensure they can tell the difference between the two components of the epoxy material (resin and hardener).
  • Ask about their full range of epoxy flooring services.
  • Ask if they are trained and experienced in any of the specialized epoxy flooring installations such as metallic epoxy.

Epoxy Flooring

Professional epoxy flooring installers who do epoxy floors every day should easily answer these questions without batting an eyelash. 


Do They Have Enough Experience?

There is a big difference between an experienced epoxy contractor and an inexperienced one. An epoxy installer with long years of experience can complete the job on a 2-car garage in 2-3 days. An inexperienced epoxy installer may need 5-6 days to complete the same job.

For a clearer picture, here are some facts that separate an experienced from an inexperience epoxy flooring contractor other than the number of days it takes to complete a job:

  • An experienced epoxy installer efficiently uses the tools needed for epoxy installation.

An inexperienced epoxy installer may fumble in using the same tools making the process take more time to complete.

  • An experienced epoxy installer uses the best materials purchased from reputable manufacturers.

An inexperienced epoxy installer may procure materials online or from inferior manufacturers with cheap prices.

  • An experienced epoxy installer will properly and meticulously prepare the concrete surface before epoxy installation.

An inexperienced epoxy installer may skip some steps in the process to save time. 

Five to ten years or even more is a pretty good gauge to determine the epoxy flooring company employs a team of experienced epoxy flooring installers. This does not mean the total experience of the entire crew but the experience of each of the crew. 
The best way to ensure you are hiring a well-experienced and reputable epoxy flooring company is to check on their references. Their past jobs will show the quality of the job they have done, their work ethics as well as affordability.

Lillian Johnston

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