Concrete Epoxy Countertops Maintenance

Concrete Epoxy Countertops Maintenance

Before tackling a new project like building your own concrete countertops, it is essential to educate yourself on all the variables and learn what to expect from your new home addition. Epoxy can create absolutely beautiful countertops. Actually, my new desk is made out of epoxy and I love it. I got it done by an Epoxy Flooring Polished Concrete Nashville which did an outstanding job. 

Here are some things that I learned in the process to help you identify the proper maintenance needed for this material.

The main material of a countertop is concrete and furnish the bulk of the design and shape. There is a sealer or coating applied to the countertop is more often than not that is the first and usually most important line of defense from stains and abrasion.

To determine how to clean and maintain a concrete countertop, we need to look at the sealer used.

Providing at least a water and stain resistant surface for most sealers used on concrete countertops. Others sealers advocate an impervious surface.

Concrete Epoxy Countertops Maintenance

Here are the basic ways of cleaning and maintaining countertop but depends on the type of finish that was applied to your concrete countertop.

  • Number one rule: Never place a hot pot or pan directly on your countertop. They do not do well under extreme heat and many sealers are like a plastic type. As it might scratch the surface, avoid cutting on a concrete countertop. It is best to deal with your countertops like laminate and take needed precautions and use cutting boards and surfaces when preparing food.
  • Use a standard dish detergent as you would most countertops to clean your countertops. Avoid using too aggressive or bleach based. Before they dry and harden, try to clean spills and stains.  If they do, until they come off, apply gently scrub. Common sense usually reigns as these countertops are tough and simple.
  • Including incorporating additional topcoats that will replace any thin areas that have developed from typical cleaning and use for long-term maintenance of countertops. Because usually once a countertop shows signs of wear, there is little you can do to fix it that is why this is a big advantage when sealing a concrete countertop over other types of material.

Toward maintaining the appearance of your concrete countertop, habitual cleaning and resealing as necessary go a long way. Your concrete countertop will continue to provide you with enjoyment for many years to come by protecting your investment with regular, easy clean-ups.

Lillian Johnston

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