Glamorous Cannes

Glamorous Cannes

Cannes sparkles with glamour and exclusivity while lounging in the sun of the French Riviera. The famous seaside resort is complete with appeal and charm of the Côte d’Azur harbor filled with luxury yachts, exclusive beaches, stylish boulevards, chic Belle Epoque hotels, and voguish restaurants.

Boulevard de la Croisette

This palm-lined road is the concentrate of tourist activity in Cannes and tagged as one of the most fashionable streets on the French Riviera. Lined by Belle Epoque hotels, like the historic InterContinental Carlton Cannes for the Boulevard de la Croisette, outlines by Charles Dalmas, is a marvelous example of grand French Art Nouveau architecture. If you have time, maybe you can check out Concrete Contractor Seattle for some construction materials.

Tourists can also witness the posh villas and deluxe boutiques. The Boulevard, with splendid private beaches on the sandy shoreline, expands from the new Palais des Festivals to the lovely “La Roseraie” park at the Square Du 8 Mai 1945. The beachfront promenade is the best venue for taking a walk and viewing people ahead of this stretch.

Glamorous Cannes

Festival de Cannes

The month of May is most important in Cannes because Festival de Cannes is celebrated. The Festival de Cannes is the most exciting among the things to do on the French Riviera. This red-carpet event is a top tourist attraction with all the glitter of celebrity. The film festival was started to compete with the Venice Film Festival in the first place. The main agenda is for supporting, discovering, and give promotion to excellent films. The Festival de Cannes has earned an international reputation.Learn more to know about Festival de Cannes.

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

The site of the Riviera’s most glamorous red-carpet affair is the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès where the Cannes Film Festival is held. The structure was accomplished in 1982 and utilized for events, conferences, and festivals. Furnished with complex sound and lighting systems, the Palais des Festivals has 25,000 square meters of space for exhibitions including many rooms and auditoriums. There is also a restaurant on site for hungry visitors.

Notre-Dame de l’Espérance

The Notre-Dame de l’Espérance is the essential church in Cannes and was erected on the summit of Le Suquet, which radiance with its dreamlike views of the city. It has a notable 17th-century Madonna on the high altar and the late-Gothic edifice dates to the 16th century. Tourists are struck by the peaceful interior and the inspiring heights of its Gothic vaulting upon entering the church. An inclusion of Renaissance porch with an organ that was placed in 1857 which was renovated recently, the church also attributes a combination of architectural styles. An old cemetery that dates back to the 16th century can also be found. The church was temporarily used as a hospital during the Second World War. The church is still a place of religious worship up to the present day.

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