Bathroom Material: Ceramic Tile

Bathroom Material: Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is the most in-demand material for bathroom finishes often applauded for durability and variety. The ceramic material can bring on both fronts if the focus is color and texture. The sheer variation of ceramic tiles is boundless, which can make choosing just the right tile very hard.

It’s often used for wall and ceiling installations accent because ceramic is much cheaper than porcelain and is much lighter. However, there are some major disadvantages to this material as well: It’s not as sturdy compared to porcelain, so it’s the best material to use for walking surface. During the winter season, it can be very cold underfoot, and its quite difficult to install a heavy tile.

To further review if ceramic is suitable for your bathroom, here’s what to know before making the investment.

Availability of ceramic tiles is comprehensive as all are usually produced from red or white clay that’s been cooked in a kiln and glazed or finished.

Bathroom Material: Ceramic Tile

Advantage: There’s significant variety in styles, colors, finishes, and textures – ceramic tile can be incredibly inexpensive. For details like chair rails, soap dishes and special edging and nosing, as in this bathroom accessories, it’s easy to customize ceramic tiles.

Disadvantage: Ceramic tile is not as durable as what porcelain tile can deliver, but what it shortfall in vitality, it makes up for in cost.

It’s best to consider this to add dimension to your bathroom since ceramic tiles often have texture.  Although it can make it difficult to figure out how to cut end tile, the eased edge on this tile adds a little extra something to a bathroom wall. To make the transition less tricky, ponder on using a tile edge profile. There are also available ceramic tile cutters on some hardware stores to ease the difficulty on what to do with this material.

Ceramic Tile Preservation: Before purchasing the ceramic tile, be sure you pick with a durable finish. Try buying a sample material, bring it home and clean it to in all the possible way known to you.

Its to clean ceramic tile using a white nylon scrub brush and a little soap. Ceramic is particularly tough, but it’s best to use mild household detergents and to spot test before trying anything new.

Ceramic Tile Installation: Installing ceramic tile could even be a do-it-yourself thing to do if you have some skill working with tile, it is pretty undemanding. Most of the ceramic tile that’s available in the market has directional arrows on the back side; for you to get the correct look, be sure you keep them lined up the same way.

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